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179 United Utilities - image世界越来越关注可持续性。For 亚博体育 appchemical engineers working in the water industry,sewage sludge is rapidly becoming a valuable resource that can be reused for a variety of purposes.

In the North West of England,the Davyhulme Treatment Works is one of the biggest wastewater treatment plants in the UK.它一天24小时工作,每秒处理30000升以上的水。它还经营着一个综合能源发电中心。


However,an opportunity arose to make the process more efficient.还需要整合“沼气到电网”解决方案,将多余的能源输出到国家电网。这是需要化学工程师协作团队的地方。亚博体育 app

JR3C8355Cue联合公用事业公司,Jacobs和Laing O'Rourke是一个合作团队,有12个月的时间将达维胡尔姆的能源生产提升到下一个水平。一起工作,they delivered a solution that uses water scrubbing at medium to high pressures to process biogas and deliver a high grade biomethane product for supply to National Grid.

The design has delivered a carbon emissions reduction of 7,400 tonnes of CO2 per year,以及将使客户的能源成本保持在较低水平的财务效益。它还非常注重运营灵活性,以管理电力需求,heat and green gas – with an option to produce green fuel in the future for transport.

5J5A5851A great deal has been achieved by the team,尤其是在时间尺度上。According to United Utilities Pat Horne:"On 11 March we had to commission this plant within two weeks.从化学工程的角亚博体育 app度来看,我们打开了它,it worked – from start to finish within 24 hours.在一天之内看到从纸上到现实的东西真是太棒了。”

There was a triumphant whoop from the floor when we announced this project had won the Energy Award at the yabo体育 appIChemE Global Awards in November 2017.我们只是设法让他们都上了台,as they were presented with the trophy by Lee Greenlees,Design Manager at Rolls-Royce,who sponsored the Energy Award.

Watch our interview with some of the team,了解更多有关作品的信息:

看到联合公用事业公司也很高兴与本项目周围的当地社区合作.他们在社区公园投资了48000英镑,centres,and education,and visited several schools around the Davyhulme plant to get them excited about engineering.

Join us tomorrow when the spotlight is on that favourite British bedtime drink – Horlicks!

你有没有灵感申请2018年的ICHEME全球大奖?yabo体育 appWhether you would like to enter your own project,赞助一个类别,或者只是专注于支持你的专业同事- 在这里登记您的兴趣。

2017yabo体育 app年ICHEME全球奖在伯明翰举行,UK on Thursday 2 November,held in partnership with庄信万丰木材。

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嘉宾博客:化学工程师如何进行先进的废水管理亚博体育 app?世界末日

How have 亚博体育 appchemical engineers advanced wastewater management?#WorldWaterDay

它是世界水日and to celebrate Chris Short,Chair of ourWater Special Interest Group他对今年的主题“废水”发表了自己的看法。我们的成员在这一领域在世界各地工作,以及研究人员寻找新的和创新的方法来处理废水,以帮助社会受益。


工作:Consultant and Chartered 亚博体育 appChemical Engineer
Company:Chris Short Water Quality (previously Yorkshire Water)

I'm not going to claim that 亚博体育 appchemical engineers were behind all the advances in wastewater management in the past century,greatly improving public health and the environment within industrialised countries.

However,亚博体育 appchemical engineers have been increasingly involved in wastewater treatment over the last 100 years.


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BP logo - BP Hummingbird...BP一直要求全英国的STEM本科生参加他们的年度比赛Ultimate Field Trip competition自2010以来。三个学生组成的小组被要求提出一个解决全球能源挑战的方案。

This year's challenge was based on water –How to address the effective,efficient and sustainable use of wastewater from the production of oil,gas and biofuels.


特立尼达和多巴哥这是对球队的致敬化学与生物工程系亚博体育 appat the University of Sheffield,UK,who ran-away with the 2015 prize– a two week field trip to visit BP operations in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Producing clean energy from wastewater treatment (Day 278)


这一挑战的一部分需要改变我们对这些资源的看法。把能源和水分开考虑是错误的。We need to make sure everyone is looking at the bigger picture.

recycle water symbol正是他们的整体思考能力和全局思考能力使化学工程师变得如此有用。亚博体育 app

亚博体育 appChemical engineering is a  broad church and I feel that the reason why the discipline can be applied in so many different settings is our ability to think about systems as a whole – not just focusing on the end goal.

这种思维方式,系统工程,is key to the advancement of the ‘nexus approach' (which I have discussed before;‘水与能源——哪个更珍贵?' and ‘水-能源-食物关系的思考食物') and helping us think of water,energy and food as interlinked.

Today's story caught my eye because it's a good example of forward-thinking by 亚博体育 appchemical engineers.生物电化学小组的研究人员自治大学(UAB)化学工程系亚博体育 app,have been working to produce,而不是消费,废水处理过程中的能量。

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Energy from toilet water (Day 14)

马桶冲洗大多数事情都有潜力,even the waste that disappears down the toilet bowl.

But along with the waste,there's the water we use to flush it away.Before water arrives in the toilet bowl it takes energy to process it.一旦它消失在下水道里,就需要更多的能量来重新处理。这是我们日常水电费的一部分。


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