Spotlight on: 亚博体育 appChemical Engineers and Hoyabo体育 apprlicks #ichemeawards

111 GSK - imageTea,咖啡,ice cream,巧克力,披萨——仅仅是我们最喜欢的食物和饮料中的一些,已经存在了数百年。Nearly all of them involve a process,and that process was probably refined and scaled-up by 亚博体育 appchemical engineers.

Horlicks也没什么不同。It's associated with bedtime in the UK,but in South Asia it's the country's number one health food drink.

GSK Consumer Healthcareare responsible for producing more than 150,000 tonnes of Horlicks every year,and up until recently were continuing to use the original 135-year-old process.

CKEVnTcUYAEql3W (002)GSK's small technical team were tasked to fundamentally re-think the process,考虑到能源,water usage,和成本。

以前只做了增量更改,due to concerns about negative consumer feedback.As a result,the team of 亚博体育 appchemical engineering put the consumer first – and through reverse-engineering took the product back to the fundamental flavour,蛋白质和碳水化合物化学。

From there,该工艺可以重新组装,以优化每一步——从淀粉转化为糖,to drying the product in to a powder.结果是惊人的-团队消除了用水,减少了80%的能源消耗。Both factors are extremely advantageous to Horlicks' main market of India,仅在这一过程中节省的能源就可以为该地区的40万户家庭提供电力。What's more,循环时间从18小时缩短到10分钟。JR3C837

And that's what our profession is all about isn't it?Or,正如GSK的本·琼斯所说:"亚博体育 appChemical engineering matters because it is the bedrock of how we're going to improve physical and chemical processes for the next generation."

Ben was joined by Paul Heath at the yabo体育 appIChemE Global Awards in November 2017 where they collected the Food and Drink Award for this project.该奖项由奈杰尔·赫斯特颁发,on behalf of category sponsor – yabo体育 appIChemE's Food and Drink Special Interest Group.

Check out their reaction below:

The original team took five years to take this project from concept to pilot plant.现在,同一个团队正在领导一个大型商业工厂的建设。对所有参与的人来说,这是多么了不起的成就。

We're delving into the pharmaceutical industry in our next ‘Spotlight' piece,so don't forget to swing by the yabo体育 appIChemE blog tomorrow.

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The yabo体育 appIChemE Global Awards 2017 were held in Birmingham,英国11月2日星期四,held in partnership withJohnson MattheyandWood.

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亚博体育 app化工专业毕业生开发环保轮胎(289天)

轮胎Yesterday,I blogged about the application of 亚博体育 appchemical engineering to reduce engine wear and tear.今天,我正在看一看大多数道路车辆的另一个重要部件——轮胎。

Tyres are an underrated feat of engineering.它们在气垫上承载着几吨的重量;provide traction between a vehicle and the road;and,because of their elasticity,can spring back to their original shape even after prolonged use.

制造轮胎所用的材料包括橡胶,carbon black and other 亚博体育 appchemical compounds including sulphur and zinc oxide.The carbon black,which is manufactured via the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products,can be replaced with silica compounds.

所以,以一种新的方式生产这种比碳黑更可持续的替代品,三名化学工程亚博体育 app专业毕业生印度巴纳拉斯印度教大学印度理工学院(BHU)瓦拉纳西have developed an eco-friendly process forextracting green silica from rice husk ash.

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Blowing hot and cold (Day 235)

Hot and cold亚博体育 appChemical engineers are responsible for much the world's economic output in the form of goods and services consumed by industry and consumers.

In numbers,the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) looks something like this: £48,000,000,000,000 (US$75,000,000,000,000).

从化学工程的角亚博体育 app度来看,一旦这些货物离开工厂大门或从管道中消失,可能会有一种趋势,即忘记将这些产品推向市场所需的巨大技能和能量,即处于正确的状态。

The challenge is particularly acute for the distribution of food in countries with large and growing populations and has been highlighted recently by the University of Birmingham in the UK.继续阅读Blowing hot and cold (Day 235)